Utility Information


Registration of your mobile home

You must register your mobile home with Lee County.  Take your Bill of Sale & the title to the Lee County Courthouse in Opelika at 215 S. 9th Street or the Auburn satellite office at 1266  Mall Parkway across from the mall, to pay the registration fees and sales tax. If you have questions you can call 334-737-3632.


To set up your account,  you will need to contact Alabama Power Co. at 1-800-245-2244, 1699 S. College Street, Auburn.


To set up your gas account, please contact Spire at 1-800-282-4008.  The gas company will set your meter, light your pilots and handle any orifice conversions necessary.


Water is available at your lot.  Please contact our office and we will be glad to show you where the turn on/off valve is located.  Be sure you have back flow preventor on your water line and turn your water off while you are not in Auburn.

TV Programming

To set up service for cable and Internet contact Spectrum sales specialist Sonya’ Miller at 334-742-3928 / sonya.a.miller@charter.com.

Internet service

Internet access is available at each lot. Contact Charter Spectrum at 334-742-3928.