These are the various documents and forms that are used at Ridgewood Village. Any signed document that is applicable to your account is kept on file in the Ridgewood office. If your circumstances change during the course of the lease period, such as adding or removing a roommate or pet, please contact the office and update your file. If you’re unsure whether your file is up to date, just give us a call and we will check it out for you. Please do not fax a copy of the lease, the office will prepare a lease and mail it to you to sign and return.
Our approval policy for residency is you must have a 650 Beacon score, 4 years of credit (not including student loans) and no public records. At this time Ridgewood Village only accepts parents or grandparents as co-signers for students. Once the resident graduates or is no longer a student, the resident must be able to qualify on their own.
The lease agreement listed is a COPY, once you are approved to purchase in Ridgewood Village, you will receive a legal lease from our office.